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Teddy's Kitchen

Here at Teddy's Kitchen, great food is what we do. Over the years, Teddy's Kitchen has created healthful, customized dining experiences that honor fresh and flavorful cuisine. Established in 2019 the company has evolved to become the premier Catering Company in Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area. Contact us to find out how we can cater your next event, fill your fridge with delicious meals or teach you some secret recipes.

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Our Serivces


If you like jambalaya then Teddy's Kitchen is the place to go. Great portions, fantastic prices, and best of all amazing flavor.


Fantastic! Had the ribs, chicken breast, sausage, man and cheese and they were all outstanding as were the people. Had to take some to go I was too full to eat it all!


This is a great place to eat bbq.It is awesomeness . I had ribs last time omg so good!


They were awesome! The food was amazing and I actually got to eat some because they saved us some boxes to take with us.!


The ribs are incredible. They're tender with just amount of sweet and hot. It's a flavor you definitely want to savor!


"From the first call with Mrs.Clayton to the hug goodbye on wedding day it was complete pleasure doing business with him"


Teddy's kitchen catered my wedding, and it was best decision I have ever made since moving down here from Virginia. The food literally melts in your mouth and meat falls off the bone. I would give this catering business 5 stars out of 5 stars. Its a must eat catering business.


We had Teddy's Kitchen catering my son birthday party. I thought at first it was just going to be regular old burgers but have you ever had a burger so good that it tasted like Angels dancing on your tongue? Have a burger made by Teddy's Kitchen and experience this pleasure for yourself.


Burger Double
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Who Are We?

We’re one of the best caterers in Dallas-Fort Worth area who know how to please the most diverse and picky palates on a budget. Since 2019, we’ve delighted our customers with innovative, delicious food. Whether you’re too busy to cook, want to throw a dinner party or the event of the century, we’ll make food that looks and tastes amazing. Contact us to learn more.

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833-998-4725 or 409-466-1456

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Layered Blueberry Dessert

Delicious Options for Every Occasion!

Main Dishes

Check out our menu of delicious main dishes


Check out our menu of delicious appetizers

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